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Pool Construction

You will experience peace of mind knowing that your pool is being built by one of Baton Rouge's premier pool construction companies.  The process is routine but the details are what separate us from the rest of the pack as we take painstaking measures to assure the quality of the work through each phase of the work.

  1. Paint Out:  The simple process of spray-painting the pattern onto your lawn or field you'll find is enough to build volumes of excitement for everyone involved!
  2. Excavation: Based on the outlines we've carefully measured in the paint-out we dig out the designated area and shape the ground to fit the specifications of your pool design.  At this point you often find friends an neighbors becoming interested in all the activity!
  3. Shell Framing: After excavation the walls and special features of your pool will be framed upusing steel rebar. At this time the plumbing and piping for water circulation, lighting, water filtration and pool cleaning will also be installed and a vision of your pool will become clear!
  4. Shotcrete Forming: Ten to twelve inches of shotcrete is pumped into the framed walls and floor of the structure and then shaped into stairs, benches, barstools and other features we've designed specifically for your pool's interior.
  5. Handcrafting: Detailing the final layers of shotcrete is one of the many small details that make the Makaira Pools' construction process different from that of our competition. All of the plumbing is “run” to the equipment pad where it is kept under pressure to ensure there are no leaks in the plumbing. This is monitored and checked daily until the deck is installed.
  6. Decking Frame: Gravel and steel rebar will be carefully placed to ensure your deck is durable and of the highest quality. We will install the decking to mesh precisely with the coping surrounding your Makaira Pools swimming pool.
  7. Finishing: Our finishes are carefully applied and troweled by hand by the best  finishers in Baton Rouge. Not only will you love the way it looks, but you will have built your pool with the strongest and most durable swimming pool finish in the industry.
  8. Fill and Test: The last step will be to fill the pool with water, turn on the mechanical systems, test the water, and complete the final pre-opening checklist. A Makaira Pools service representative will demonstrate the workings of all mechanical and electrical systems so that you will truly be at the control of your masterpiece.

Then let the fun and relaxation begin! Now that your dream of a poolscape paradise is complete, you can enjoy all of the beauty, serenity, entertainment and value that your Makaira Pools' swimming pool has to offer. 

And don't forget the landscape... Your landscape is an important component of your pool atmosphere. Let us help design and install the landscape to complete your vision